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Friday, May 10, 2002


Has the human race so affected wilderness that nature is in fact man-made? Author Bill McKibben makes that argument in The End of Nature, the book under discussion by the eight book group members attending the third meeting of the Ends of Civilization program hosted by the Gleason Library on Tuesday, April 30. ...more

The smell of fresh paint permeates the entryway to Kathy McDonough's studio on Maple Street in Carlisle. Landscape paintings line the walls, and are stacked up against them. A few enormous landscapes dominate the room. A work-in-progress stands drying on a large easel. All the scenes are from the New England area. ...more

He may be in charge of one of the most important historical collections in the United States, but Carlisle resident Frank Rigg is nothing if not modest. On the same day that the Mosquito contacted Rigg for an interview, NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg spoke with him on Morning Edition. "The Mosquito and NPR on the same day; I feel so overexposed!" he commented. ...more

Long-time members of the Mosquito staff remember their mothers and their early years, growing up in the 30's, 40's and 50s. By chance, they all grew up in New York City. ...more

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