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Friday, May 10, 2002


Memorable comments from Town Meeting

"You have the right to disagree, but not to disparage,"

Instructions to the audience at start of Meeting

"If you begin to feel ridiculous introducing yourself for the fifth time, perhaps we're not hearing enough other opinions.

"If the temperature is threatening your very life, if you don't know what we're voting on, say, 'I

rise to a question of privilege'. If someone can come up with a less officious phrase, we'll adopt it for Carlisle."


We'd like to encourage everyone who'd like to see a pathway (not a sidewalk ) to come and see the new pathway at the corner of School and Church Streets.

Debra Belanger

"I'm chairman of the Finance Committee, for the next two weeks, hopefully. I'd like to pass the baton on to someone else with lower blood pressure."

"I don't want my children to be taught by average teachers. I went to a school with average teachers and it took me years to get over it."

"It's not so much we can't afford it, but we're tired of having to pay for the best of, best of, best of everything. We will have to have a new school and expand the high school. Our debt service will be huge and taxes will skyrocket. We have great schools with the highest MCAS and SAT scores, but we have created a Rolls Royce. Don't put another coat of wax on the Rolls Royce this year. Vote against the override."

"The FinCom supports anything that will bring money into the town."

"There are 750 citizens over the age of 60 living in town."

I'm Maureen Tarca of the RecCom. Please come we'd love to hire you."

Response to Article 16 providing senior citizen real estate tax payment vouchers for services

"There's a question about whether we could use the Town Forest (for affordable housing). As you know, we're not sure where that is, and we have a group trying to find it."

Selectman John Ballantine

"When you have piles of money around, people will find ways to spend them, because they are there."

"Having a big pile of money around, in financial terms, has never bothered me."

"Muttering is discouraged."

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