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Friday, May 10, 2002


Board of health approves septic for 'guest house'

Doug Edwards of 125 Meadowbrook Road appeared at the board of health's April 30 meeting to discuss a permit to upgrade his septic system to accomodate eight bedrooms. Edwards is planning to build a separate three-bedroom guest house for his daughter and her family, which will share a septic system with his main house which has five bedrooms. Current Carlisle zoning bylaws permit a property owner to have a "guest house" on a residential lot. According to board of health administrator Linda Fantasia, the term "guest house" is not defined.

Abutters Kevin Bergquist and neighbor Donna MacMullen complained that a guest house is intended for part-time occupancy and not for a full-time residence. MacMullen questioned whether the bylaws anticipated permanent residents with children attending Carlisle schools.

The board, whose jurisdiction is only over septic systems, approved Edwards' permit. Edwards agreed to work with neigh-bors on issues of cutting trees.

Well, septic permits overlap

In a separate action the board denied a well permit requested by Bergquist because his well location would place it closer than the mandated 100 feet from Edwards' leaching field. Opolski explained that if two overlapping permit requests are received, the board will grant the permit to the party who applied first without conflict. The Edwards' permit was complete, with only two minor issues under review by board of health engineer Rob Frado.

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