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Friday, May 3, 2002

COA supports tax voucher program

To the Editor:

In light of the hardship that escalating real estate taxes pose on many of Carlisle's senior citizens, the council on aging supports Article 16 of the Town Warrant regarding the Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Voucher program. This program aims to employ qualified senior citizens who may apply their earnings toward payment of a portion of their property taxes. The skills and interests of the seniors are matched to the needs of a town department. In addition to the financial benefit to seniors, the program is also designed to increase senior citizen involvement in local government while enhancing municipal services provided by the town. The program has been successful in many neighboring communities, including Concord and Westford. It is one step towards easing the financial burden for our seniors, who are once again facing a tax increase this year.

Elizabeth Jewell
director, council on aging

What is the CPC?

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Community Preservation Act Committee (CPC) is a group of designated individuals representing the recreation commission, conservation commission, planning board, board of selectmen, affordable housing, and historical commission who meets as necessary to make recommendations for the expenditure of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds which are collected from the taxpayers of Carlisle and matched by the Commonwealth at a rate selected annually by the voters (up to 3%).

The funds collected under the elected adoption of the CPA are intended to help the town of Carlisle achieve its stated goals of acquiring land or preserving assets which will meet the articulated needs of the elected or appointed recreation, open space, affordable housing and historic preservation agencies in our town.

The town of Carlisle voted to set the property tax surcharge at 2% in 2001 for that fiscal year and by doing so raised approximately $215,000 which, when matched 100% by the Commonwealth, gives the town $430,000 to use for the purposes established under the Community Preservation Act.

While certain percentages of the collected funds must be allocated to designated needs (10% each to open space, recreation and historic preservation), 70% of the funds are discretionary and under the guidance or recommendation of the CPC and the approval of the voters of the town. It should be noted, however, that the CPA funds collected from the town and matched by the State in no way affect the operating budgets of the town or its various departments.

It is the focus of the committee to search for a multi-purpose parcel of land, which could meet the town's needs for affordable housing, recreation, conservation and historical interest. The funds set aside under the Act serve as a saving/investment account; we do not intend to ask the Town Meeting to transfer any monies until such a time as we believe that these goals can be met.

To achieve this objective of goals-oriented development, the town must have the savings/investment account established by the CPA to achieve resolution. We must be able to plan ahead not only with good intentions but with the real assets to support our stated objectives.

John Lee
Lowell Street

Reflections on a hockey season

To the Editor:

It is difficult to believe that our season has drawn to a close. It was truly a time of ups, downs, learning, excitement, frustration and hope. But most of all I hope it was a time of fun for all the kids. As I reflect back it was a time for growth in ability, character, and a burning desire on the parts of the players to do well. We the coaches tried to emphasize that winning is a state of mind as well as where we end up on a score sheet. For some of our best efforts ended in a loss on paper and yet a huge win in the character department.

The Concord-Carlisle Youth Hockey program which I was fortunate enough to be a part of was a shining star in allowing kids of all ages and level of ability to come together and have a wonderful time. To the kids that I along with Head Coach Tim First and Coach Dave Spotts had the fortune to coach and to their parents I would just like to say well done and thank you. Our Mite team had a rough start, and yet through a monumental effort on the part of the kids we made it all the way to the championship game only to be defeated by the team from Framingham. To all the players and their parents, thanks again for all the great moments and hopefully will see you again in the fall.

Fred Rubenstein
Ember Lane

Oh nature!

To the Editor:

Recent complaints about dogs being "rude" in our State Park got me to wondering about Thoreau. I wondered what he might say about "rude" dogs, and about the hidden logs and mosquitos that recent canoists on the Ipswich complained about when they returned their rented canoe. I wondered if the wonderful prose that helped so many embrace nature might not be a massive denial. After all, Thoreau must have suffered a lot with all those bugs and logs by Walden Pond. At least he did not have to suffer rude dogs.

W. George Scarlett
Partridge Lane

Carlisle teacher to raise money for breast cancer research

To the Editor:

On the weekend of May 17, I and my sister, Mary Delorey of Concord, will participate in the Avon Breast Cancer 3 - Day walk from Leominster to Boston. Our team, "Sister Act," has made a commitment to walk the 60 miles and to raise $1,900 each, which will go to support non-profit breast health programs and medical research. Please consider making a fully tax-deductible pledge to help us meet our goal while supporting this powerful event in the fight against breast cancer. (Did you know that in America this year, a new case of breast cancer will be diagnosed every three minutes; or that one out of every nine women in America will develop breast cancer in her lifetime?)

If you would like to support our efforts, please contribute online by visiting and indicating our names and walker # 3710, or you may send a contribution to: Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day 135 - S. LaSalle, Dept. 7362 Chicago, Illinois 60674-7362. Many thanks.

Margaret Heigl
CPS physical education teacher
Acton, MA.

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