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Friday, April 26, 2002


Name: Northern Goshawk or Accipiter gentilis. ...more

SPIN USA, or The People Upstairs ­ sounds like the beginning of a children's ghost story, doesn't it? If the Mosquito's office were a creaking old Victorian mansion, undoubtedly there would be a wonderful garret inhabited by a large family of interesting, mysterious people endowed with magical powers. However, as most of you know, the Mosquito office is lodged in a very contemporary building at 872 Westford Street, which just doesn't fit our notions of fairy tales. Or does it? There certainly are interesting people upstairs, and surprisingly, they appear to work magic. ...more

What a pleasant lunch experience it was at Olé. A friend suggested I try this authentic Mexican restaurant in Arlington and though it took a while, with my rather busy schedule, to get there for lunch, it proved to be a very tasty and worthwhile experience. ...more

Panic Room is sort of a peculiar mishmash of a movie. It takes a premise of suspense in the classic Hitchcock mold and dresses it up with the frenetic ultraviolence typical of 1990s action films. In the right hands it could be a real nail-biting, hair-pulling thriller. I would have thought that David Fincher's would be the right hands, but instead he has turned out an unremarkable, only moderately entertaining bit of fluff. ...more

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