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Friday, April 26, 2002


GU10-3 soccer girls show spunk

Playing against big, experienced Wilmington, C-C showed great heart in their second game on the big field. Remy Ferber in goal was under fire repeatedly in the first half, but kept C-C in the game with spectacular saves along with booming punts that started the offense. The fans were chanting, "Rem-Y, Rem-Y!". Gayle Miner showed some fancy footwork in getting by a charging opponent and bringing the ball up the field. Freckle-twins Courtney McCauley and Megan Searles have become a great defensive tandem, backing each other up and moving aggressively upfield. Searles had a crafty moment when she faked missing a kick, let the ball roll out of bounds off Wilmington, and picked it up quickly for the throw-in.

Wilmington's speed and long passing game forced C-C to come up with several defensive recoveries from behind. Kendra Hayes and Elizabeth Atkins both excelled at this, stealing the ball from a startled opponent just as she began what looked like a breakaway. Atkins was also solid again in goal, nicely coming way off her line several times to snuff threats. On offense, C-C had several highlights. Jamie Potter positioned herself wide in space and received passes that she used her excellent footwork to attack the goal. Katie Wheeler got a great shot on net that only a great save kept out of the net. Ashley Nichols and Lindsay Cook both showed off their sprinter's speed, a great team strength which the team will continue to capitalize on as longer passes begin to connect.

The end of the game showed C-C's best stretch of pressure on the goal. At one point, Tasha Carter-Gordon swooped in from the left, carrying the ball right in front of the goalmouth where it took two towering defenders to stop the threat. Thalia Kanwit had several late runs up the sideline, using her long stride and ball control to get by defenders and attack the goal. While the team couldn't come away with a win, they got better as the game went on and showed great enthusiasm and spunk throughout!

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