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Friday, April 26, 2002

At two contentious public hearings on the transfer of AT&T Broadband's cable license to AT&T Comcast Corporation, selectmen, members of the Carlisle Cable Communications Advisory Committee and frustrated citizens pummeled AT&T personnel on the schedule of promised upgrades to Carlisle's cable service. AT&T attempted to steer the discussion away from past performance by noting that approval of the license transfer should rest solely on an evaluation of "the cable expertise and resources of the combined entity." ...more

As the Carlisle Board of Selectmen continued to struggle with how to resolve potential differences with the Town of Concord over the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District FY03 budget, Concord voters, the state department of revenue (DOR), and Carlisle town counsel each added to the complications of an already confusing array of possible outcomes. ...more
OFF-LEASH DOG WALKING in Great Brook Farm State Park is in jeopardy. Kevin Fuller of Billerica with Gibson and Judy Asarkof of Carlisle, both members of TrailBerners and Friends, hand out flyers in the park to help educate dog owners. See article. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)

In November 2001 Carlisle passed a law that would allow police to fine bicyclists who break the law up to $20. So what behaviors are ticketable? In Massachusetts, bicycles are required to follow the same rules as motorists, (see "bicyclists vs. motorists..." on page 6) and therefore can be fined for breaking these same rules. Ticketable behavior includes, but is not limited to: ...more

John Spidell, Carlisle's new administrative assessor, has only been on the job for just over a week, but already he is a man with a mission. One of his biggest goals in this new position is to educate Carlisleans about the assessment process to demystify how his office arrives at our property assessments. John officially describes the job of the assessor's office as "maintaining records on real and personal property," and unofficially as "keeping updates on the worth of property." He also has a sense of humor. When asked if there is a consistent formula for figuring the value of a house, he deadpans, "Darts." ...more

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