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Friday, April 19, 2002


Shorts from the ConsCom

· New ConsCom officers. Christine Kavalauskas was elected to head the commission, and Jonathan Beakley took over as vice chair at the April 11 meeting. Kavalauskas replaces Tom Brownrigg as chair, and the new officers will preside until June 30,2003. Brownrigg was thanked for his labors of the past year and received a vigorous inkberry holly (a wetland plant) from his colleagues.

· Vernal pool documentation. The vernal pool working group consisting of Kavalauskas and Brownrigg reported successful documentation of two vernal pools at Great Brook Farm State Park and one at the Cranberry Bog. They have also talked to several land owners about certification of potential candidates on their property. Kavalauskas suggested the possibility of getting school children to participate in the search next year and learn more about the creatures that depend on these fascinating features. Commissioner Peter Burn seconded the idea as the kind of educational project he likes to see the commission undertake.

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