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Friday, April 19, 2002


Shorts from the board of health

At its April 9 meeting the board considered two applications on existing properties.

Monument Street septic re-design

Engineer Robert Wagner requested a variance on the setback distance of a pump chamber midway between a wellhead and a wetland boundary. The property which straddles the boundary between Concord and Carlisle has the septic leaching field in Concord and a long pipe from the septic tank running through the Carlisle property. Wagner stated that the original design had met the 100-foot restriction of distance from the well, but the pump chamber close to a pond which is located in Concord. The Carlisle ConsCom felt that a better design would be to move the pump chamber so that it split the difference from the pond and the well. The well itself is a homemade cistern used for irrigation. The ConsCom felt that moving the pump chamber towards the well would be better even though the original design did not violate any of the Carlisle regulations.

Board of health chairman Steve Opolski asked if Concord would inspect the entire system, even though part of it was in Carlisle. Board of health consulting engineer Rob Frado said, "Yes, we're flexible if Concord wants to do the whole thing".

The board approved the waiver of setback of 75 feet from the tight pump chamber to the wetland and 79 feet to the well with the provision that the field engineer needs to stake the location of the pump chamber and that the well never be converted to a potable well for drinking water use.

Concord Street house expansion

The owner of a residence at 151 Concord Street had asked to add an additional bedroom to an eight-room house. The board of health rules state that if there are eight rooms or less, then the critical bedroom count is determined by counting the actual bedrooms. If there are more than eight rooms, the bedroom count is determined by the total number of rooms in the house divided by two, rounding down. Bedroom count determines the septic system size. Board of health agent Linda Fantasia said, "I wasn't ready to make that call," referring to the current eight-room structure, where adding a bedroom to a four-bedroom house would make it a nine-room house. However, according to the rules the house should continue to be counted as a four-bedroom house, even though they have added a bedroom.

Board member Martha Bedrosian stated that the board "has no way of controlling [bedroom] use so we have to go by the rule". The board voted to send an approval letter to town building inspector.

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