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Friday, April 19, 2002

Thanks to Rick Amodei

To the Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rick Amodei for his wonderful leadership as den leader of Pack 135 this year. Rick, assisted by Chris Tocci, made the Wolf Cub experience a fun, educational and growing one for the boys. From a guided exploration of some caves in Lynn in the fall, to building bird houses and wooden boats that really sailed and providing valuable assistance on the Pinewood Derby, Rick was at all times enthusiastic, patient, supportive and giving of his time and resources. Rick truly gave of himself throughout the year and by doing so gave the boys a Cub Scout experience they will always remember.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Leslie, Rick's wife, for her tremendous support during the year, to Jean Hoffman, who was on hand each week with delicious, fun snacks for the boys, and to Chris Tocci for her overall support of the pack. Thank you all for your efforts; they were much appreciated.

Dale Ryder
Lowell Road
Holly Salemy
Concord Street
Cynthia Nunan
Maple Street

Volunteer award nominations sought

To the Editor:

The board of directors of the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest wishes to recognize and promote volunteer service. We welcome nominations for the Annual Volunteer Service Award, to be presented this spring at the CCHS Awards Ceremony.

Any high school student in Concord or Carlisle who has demonstrated initiategve and commitment to a volunteer4 project within the area of human services is eligible. This award has been given in the past to students who have provided exceptional service in a hospital setting, caring devotion to those in a nursing home, weekly preparation and serving of meals in a soup kitchen and one on one work with special needs children.

Application forms have been sent to all local high schools faith communities, Community Chest agencies, and may also be obtained by calling the Community Chest office at 1-978-369-5250. The deadline for submitting application forms is Aprils 26.

Girl Scout leader appreciation day

To the Editor:

Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day is on April 22. Jill Khederian and I would like to thank all of the leaders/volunteers (309) of the Concord-Carlisle service unit who have selflessly volunteered their time to make Girl Scouting both a rewarding and fun experience for the 468 girls in Carlisle and Concord. Troops participate in a wide range of activities, including hiking, camping, sleepovers at museums, badge work, and community service projects in the area. Girl Scouts is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year. This is an appropriate time to thank the leaders for all their hard work and dedication from both us and the girls they serve.

For Everything

For every step taken on a wet and rocky trail.

For every reminder note you didn't forget to mail.

For every skinned knee you attended,

For every broken heart you mended.

For every burnt camping meal you ate,

For every late parent who made you wait.

For every tearful disappointment you heard,

For every time you could've ... but didn't say a word.

For every ounce of laughter to a little girl you brought,

For every midnight giggle your tired ears have caught!

For every tear you've shed as they've grown up through the years.

For every one of your Girl Scouts, now full of confidence, not fears.

For every song you've sung,

For every song you'll sing...

Thank you...Girl Scout Leader... simply put...for everything!

Author Unknown

Linda Fabrizio
Patch Meadow Lane
Jill Khederian
Pheasant Hill Lane

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month

To the Editor:

The Minuteman Senior Services SHINE Program would like to extend its deepest thanks to 40 volunteers in our area.

These volunteer health benefits counselors dedicate countless hours to helping seniors understand and resolve their health insurance problems. This work greatly alleviates the stress and financial worries that anyone faces when having to make insurance changes, resolve billing disputes and cover the ever-increasing costs of prescription drugs. In particular we'd like to thank Bob Selling for his valuable time.

To reach a SHINE counselor call the Carlisle Council on Aging.

Cindy Phillips
Shine director

Many thanks for successful CCHS fund drive

To the Editor:

On Sunday, March 17, Concord-Carlisle Regional High School students devoted the afternoon to telephoning Concord and Carlisle residents to raise money for the Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund. This annual event was held at The Fenn School which donated its space and facilities, thus enhancing the day's proceeds. National Honor Society students spent several hours telephoning, raising a grand total of over $23,400 in pledges. In addition, the executive committee of the National Honor Society arrived early to decorate Fenn's Robb Hall with shamrocks and green stars in honor of the day, and to provide spirited leadership throughout the day. Running totals were kept, and shouts of triumph and applause were raised after particularly successful solicitations. The day's proceeds will be used directly for scholarships to be awarded in May of 2003, so these students can feel particularly proud that they raised money that will help their classmates and possibly themselves finance their post-secondary school education.

The Trustees of the Fund would like to thank all the students who helped out, too numerous to name here. They also extend their gratitude to Jerry Ward, headmaster of The Fenn School; David Platt, director of Fenn Summer; and Don Scraggs and his facilities crew, for their generosity, effort and time in donating and setting up Robb Hall at the Fenn School.

If you made a pledge, please return it to Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund, PO Box 217, Concord, MA 01742. If you would like to make a pledge, send your tax-deductible donation at the above address.

Kate Padden
Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund

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