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Friday, April 19, 2002


Carlisle School girls basketball season

The Carlisle Girls Basketball team had another great season this year! The girls worked at improving their skills and their ability to play together as a team. The season started off with some difficult non-league games, which demonstrated to the team what they needed to work on. The girls went on to improve their shooting, work together on offense, and sharpen up their defense. They were quite successful, ending the season with a record of six wins and two losses in league play. Both losses were to the team's toughest competitor, Notre Dame Academy. The Carlisle girls surprised Notre Dame in their second game with their fierce defense and outstanding press, leading the game 16­14 at the half. Notre Dame came back with a strong second half and, despite continued efforts by the Carlisle girls, Carlisle ended up losing 32­28. However, the team felt like winners due to their excellent level of play.

Returning eighth graders were Jill McElligott, Marie Benkley, Susanna Fardy and Jenny Zywiak. Jill McElligott led the team, playing at point guard, often driving through the key for a basket. On defense, her fine aggressive play often led to steals. Marie Benkley showed great defensive play and was one of the team's most consistent shooters. Susanna Fardy played excellent baseline defense, shutting down many opponents and grabbing rebounds. Jenny Zywiak was effective at center position on defense and had great offensive and defensive rebounding. New to the team this year were Lois Dennison, Emily Goldberg and Heather Risso. Dennison played great defense with her speed and enthusiasm,Goldberg played well on both offense and defense, and Risso played strong defense and her solid offensive moves in the last game assured a victory for Carlisle.
Front row (left to right): Meredith Popolo, Pami Anderson, Lisa DeBruzzi, Sarah Kennedy, Stephanie Trebino, Alexandria Alberto, Emily Howe. Back row (left to right): Lindsay Ventura, Devon Jeffers, Emily Goldberg, Susanna Fardy, Jenny Zywiak, Marie Benkley, Heather Risso, Lois Dennison, Jill McElligott, Ms. Stack.

Returning seventh graders, Pami Anderson, Lisa DeBruzzi and Sarah Kennedy provided great depth to the team. Pami Anderson played solidly on both offense and defense with her speed, shooting and game sense. Lisa DeBruzzi, a good all-around player whether playing point guard or wing, ended the season with strong shooting. Her intense defense on the press led to many turnovers for the opponents. Sarah Kennedy continued as an excellent player, often shooting the key basket to get the team moving. Newcomers Emily Howe and Alexandria Alberto played especially well defensively, pulling down many rebounds. Also new to the team, Meredith Popolo was an asset on defense and Stephanie Trebino showed great game sense and ability to handle the ball. Managers Lindsay Ventura and Devon Jeffers did a great job keeping score and running the time clock during games.

This was an enjoyable season! The girls worked hard and learned how to play as a team. Good luck to the eighth graders next year in high school. At the middle school, the girls will be working on another great season next year.

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