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Friday, April 19, 2002


Carlisle School boys basketball

This year's boys basketball season was one of excitement and predominantly growth. The team was made up of sixth and seventh graders, with little varsity experience.

Although the team never won any games, the improvement throughout the season was remarkable. The team averaged 12 points per game for the first six games and 25 points per game during the last six games. At the beginning of the season the margin of victory for the opposition was 32 points, but by the end of the season the margin was only 11 points per game. The players worked so hard throughout the season that practices and games were always enjoyable.

The three eighth graders on the team, Cory Robart, Kevin Coscia and Ben Wilkes, showed excellent leadership. Cory, the only veteran, was a top rebounder and passer. Ben Wilkes and Kevin Coscia helped on the boards and became excellent shooters as the season progressed.

Front row (left to right) Kevin Coscia, Dan Fidler, Tyler Smith, Brendon Hedblom, Eric Zuk, Spencer Holland, manager Tim Galligan. Back row: Ben Hassara, Michael Hassey, Welles Mattson, Cory Robart, Ben Wilkes, Peter Stone, Matt Cheever, Mr. Trierweiler. Missing from the photo is Evan Tierney.

Seventh graders made up the majority of the team. The only veterans, Welles Mattson and Eric Zuk, were standouts. Eric was the team's leading scorer and Welles was the team's defensive specialist. Spencer Holland, our point guard, Peter Stone and Evan Tierney usually played in the low post and concentrated on rebounding and defense. Mike Hassey, Dan Fidler and Ben Hassara played at the wing position where they could shoot or drive to the basket and pass the ball to an open teammate.

There were three outstanding sixth graders on the team: Matt Cheever, Brendon Hedblom and Tyler Smith. These were multi-talented in that they could all handle the ball well, shoot and play good defense. After a year's experience, they should be valuable members of next year's team.

We would like to thank our managers, Tim Galligan and Joe Lesses for the excellent job they did. Devon Jeffers and Lindsay Ventura also helped with managerial duties. Thanks to them.

The team would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Ash for all the help he gave throughout the year, a major reason the team improved so much.

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