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Friday, April 12, 2002


A "crap shoot," one participant has called the process of deciding the budget for Concord-Carlisle Regional School District for next year, and indeed, the situation does look as if at least one party has decided to bet that voters will decide in their favor. ...more

What would you think if you gave a party, and the guest of honor didn't show? The Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA) had the Clark room at Town Hall all set up on Thursday night, April 4, and lots of town folk came out, but the honored guest, Nextel Communications, was a no-show. ...more

"Alcohol is a huge problem here. My sense is it's hard for kids to go out on a weekend and avoid alcohol or marijuana." Art Dulong, principal of the Concord-Carlisle High School, may have surprised some Carlisle parents with this statement at a Carlisle School Association-sponsored presentation on March 21. ...more

The following is a synopsis of the April 2 Carlisle School Committee meeting. ...more

As part of its ongoing evaluation of the quality of drinking water in town, the Board of Health is again organizing a voluntary water-testing program for Carlisle homeowners. The sampling will be conducted by Thorstensen Laboratory, Inc. of Westford on the morning of Saturday, May 4. ...more

At first glance, one might expect pessimism from the Gleason Library book group enrolled in the Ends of Civilization program, especially post-September 11. Even the first book, The End of Education by Neil Postman (1996), carries an ominous title. However, the author plays a trick on us: he focuses not on the eradication of education, but on the goal of education, an extremely appropriate topic in town at the moment. Postman invites us to look beyond conventional subjects and test taking in public schools and consider educating children not for careers, but for life. ...more

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