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Friday, April 12, 2002


Heard around Town:
Taxes ­ How much is too much?

Carlisle Mosquito reporter Anne Marie Brako asked town residents about tax issues facing the town. On Saturday, April 6, she stopped residents at the Mosquito Trash Party central station on Lowell Road. Five people would not comment for the record. Eight people did share their thoughts. All were registered voters. Questions included the following:

  • At this time of budget cutting, what issues facing the town are you most concerned about?
  • Are you willing to cut the school budget to avoid tax increases? A little or a lot?
  • Are there areas where you feel the town is spending too much money?
  • How much would taxes have to be raised for you to move out of town?
"I'm concerned about the impact on the school of the budget cuts and the overrides. I definitely think we should do some of those overrides, if not all the way, at least half of the way."

Peter Traynor, Rutland Street (Republican)


"The first concern is that taxes are going up, and they're going up higher than the rate of inflation. I think there has to be moderation in increases. I think when it comes to education you don't always equate the quality of education with spending the most money."

Ed Hamm, East Street (Unenrolled)

"This year all the town departments were required to submit a budget within a guideline established by the Finance Committee. I believe that all town departments should honor their request. It is the School Committee's job to oversee the school budget to meet this goal together with the school administration."

Sylvia Willard, Bellows Hill Road (Independent)

"[I'm concerned about]the lack of action on elderly housing, and taxes for the elderly on fixed income. [I support] medium [cuts of the school budget]."


Doris Larsen, Concord Street (Democrat)

"I'm very concerned about the high school. I think there are overrides in place for the elementary school, but there are none for the high school. I think there will be a lot of friction between Concord and Carlisle because Concord's funding the high school to a much higher level than Carlisle is. I really think we're getting jammed between Prop. 2-1/2 and the rate of inflation running greater than 2-1/2."

Marty Galligan, South Street (Unenrolled)

"I certainly would be willing to pay more taxes to support our schools. I think the schools are important, and I don't want to cut the budgets. But I would support some kind of creative farming out of the costs of the school [to the people using them] in the form of fees for unrequired things or tax breaks for people who are in need."

Lisa Weiss, Hartwell Road (Democrat)

"I'd rather raise taxes [than cut the school budget]. Taxes would have to be raised a lot more than 6 percent [for me to consider moving out of town]."


Teresa Hassara, Kimball Road (Democrat)

"I am concerned about the cut-back to kindergarten and not having the two full days that they've had in the past. That's very important. I'd go along with a 5.9 raise to taxes [but not more than that]."


Linda Fabrizio, Patch Meadow Lane (Independent)

All photos by Anne Marie Brako

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