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Friday, April 5, 2002


Shorts from the ConsCom

· Wetland remediation. New resident Travis Snell of Robbins Road, who had unknowingly committed a serious violation of Wetland Protection Act rules by cutting down trees in a wetland zone, made a final report on remedial actions ordered by the commission. The wetland was flagged by engineer David Crossman and the offending trees carefully removed. Crossman also recommended extension of a stone wall that formed a protective boundary to the wetland. On March 28 Snell presented a vegetation planting plan to replace the downed trees with wetland shrubs such as winterberry, high-bush blueberries and black spruce, topped off with wetland seed mix, to prevent incursion by invasive species.

· Bartlett Farm. Bartlett Farm owner Peter George revisited the commission with engineer Joe March of Stamski and McNary to gain final approval of plans to return his property to a working farm. At the commission's request, March presented detailed specifications for four wetland crossings, requiring just under 5,000 square feet of fill, and replication areas to replace the wetland loss. The amended plans also called for a 30-foot extension to an existing man-made pond.

Commissioner Chris Kavalauskas asked that March designate the location of temporarily stockpiled dirt to protect the resource areas from siltation. She also reminded him firmly that "the fabulous vernal pool" on the property be protected throughout the operations.

Before calling for a vote, commissioner John Lee congratulated George, telling him, "I'm so glad you're doing this. It's a fine contribution to reclaim lost farmland." All agreed, and the plans were approved.

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