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Friday, March 29, 2002


Shorts from the School Committee

· Apology for flyer. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson addressed the issue of the parent-organized flyer, sent home with Carlisle School students, which encouraged calling the selectmen and attending their meetings to protest FY 03 budget cuts. She noted that although the school was in no way involved in the creation of the flyer, in retrospect, she felt it was bad judgment to allow the flyer to be distributed through the school. She apologized to the committee and the public and explained that a new policy will be in place regarding distribution of flyers.

AS THE MUSE MOVES HER. Emily Flynn, a second grade student at Carlisle Public School, jots down her thoughts in her writer's workbook. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)
Web site incident. Fox-Melanson described an incident in which a student, at home, had mistakenly accessed a pornographic web site while searching the web during a homework assignment. She said teachers will encourage students to access the web through the school web site,, which has software that will block access to inappropriate web sites. Committee member Harry Crowther, concerned that the school personnel spent too much time trying to fix what he saw as a parental supervision issue, commented, "Parents need to appreciate what can happen" when their children use the search engines on the Internet. Committee member David Dockterman responded, "We have to work on our end to make sure everything is legit."

· 2002-03 school calendar. Carlisle School Principal Andy Goyer presented the 2002-03 school year calendar, with a proposed ending date of June 18, 2003, if there are no snow days. It was accepted.

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