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Friday, March 29, 2002

Naming Carlisle children, 1744-1849 John, Sarah, George and Martha

Debra and Jimmy named Kristin and Matthew, who are now naming Madison and Chase. Naming ways (onomastics) change as generations grow up and have children of their own, evolving in response to changes in the culture. They also signify the preferences and values of their historical era. ...more

Great Brook Farm State Park has been a favorite location for dog walkers from Carlisle and surrounding areas for many years. Unfortunately, the 2001 season saw a larger number of dog-related complaints than in past years. ...more

Like peepers and skunk cabbage, sure signs of spring in Carlisle, the annual Mosquito Trash Party is scheduled to take place the morning of Saturday, April 6, from 9 a.m. to noon. ...more

IT'S COLD COLLECTING EGGS in the snow at the Carlisle Parents Connection's annual Spring Egg Hunt last Saturday at Diment Park. (Photo by M.J. Austin)

On Monday the annual town caucus convened at Town Hall to nominate candidates for offices that will be vacated at the end of June. While the crowd was not large, numbering approximately 35 registered Carlisle voters, at least one candidate for each town office was nominated except for the vacancy on the board of health. The following morning, however, board of health incumbent Lisa Davis Lewis took out papers for nomination by petition. ...more

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