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Friday, March 22, 2002


Name: Skunk Cabbage or Symplocarpus foetidus ...more

Merriam-Webster defines drought as "a period of dryness... causing extensive damage to crops...." The National Drought Mitigation Center ( has a map displaying the areas of the United States most affected by the continuing drought. Massachusetts is rated "severe," a three on a scale of one to five, five meaning dangerous drought conditions. If we don't receive a huge amount of rain this spring, we will have a serious drought situation this summer. We won't be facing watering bans in the same way Chelmsford or Acton would be, since we have our own wells. If we water our lawns, shrubs, trees and gardens freely during the drought, our wells may run dry. I asked the fire department how the drought is affecting burn permits. "We issue them on a daily basis, depending on the report from the fire chief or deputy fire chief," said the dispatcher. So far no permits have been denied due to the drought, but as the spring progresses, that may change. ...more

How does a drought affect new plants? Which growing mediums work best in drought? Try this experiment. ...more

Before there can be any discussion of the Concord Prison Outreach, Inc. there are certain prison facts one needs to know. ...more

On March 1, at 9:30 a.m., the Carlisle Public School was silent. From preschool to eighth grade, from teacher to administrator to volunteer, all present at the school "dropped everything," and read. For one half-hour the school joined the National Education Association's "Read Across America" campaign, reading as a community to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. "It was a wonderful feeling, like a vacation," said Davida Fox-Melanson, Carlisle Superintendent. One of the special events that took place was the eighth graders reading to the first graders, and third graders reading to the kindergarten students. "It shows the strength of our school, that we can share reading. Everyone won." ...more

Mary Roberts, a Carlisle resident for almost seven years, is offering Feng Shui ("fung shway") classes through the Carlisle recreation program this spring. I spoke with her to find out how she became involved in Feng Shui. "Feng Shui means wind and water," Roberts explained. "It began 3,000 years ago in agricultural regions of China and was used traditionally to find house sites and gravesites." It is used today to make living and working spaces more warm, inviting, and productive. ...more

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