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Friday, March 22, 2002


Town fire ponds may run low

Although fire ponds are "never totally reliable" sources of water, the Carlisle Fire Department still counts on them for approximately 50 percent of their fire-fighting water needs, according to fire chief Bob Koning. Right now the ponds are relatively full, but not as high as usual for this time of year. "If we have a dry April," says Koning, "we will be in a tough water position." What if the ponds run dry? "We will have to call mutual aid with tank trucks, which is not as fast and not as efficient."

Koning praised the efforts of the planning board which requires that below-ground cisterns be included in every new development. 50 oercent of the town now has access to these cisterns. Konings request for $35,000 in FY03 to build additional cisterns was cut due to revenue shortfall this year and next.

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