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Friday, March 22, 2002


School septic, tax relief articles not on Warrant

At their March 12 meeting the Carlisle Board of Selectmen agreed that a number of issues will not be placed on the Warrant for the May Town Meeting.

School wastewater plant

The school building committee (SBC) will not be ready to place an article on the Warrant for spring Town Meeting for the waste water treatment system, or further design of a school building project. Committee member Paul Morrison told the selectmen that the SBC will have these items ready for a Town Meeting in the fall.

Tax relief for seniors

Two warrant article requests were submitted by petition. The first request was an attempt to provide tax relief to senior citizens. Those seniors who met the requirements would be allowed to provide work in exchange for part of their real estate taxes. The selectmen had questions on the specifics on how such a program might be successfully run, and therefore did not place it on the Warrant.

"Circuit breaker"

The second petition request also concerned tax relief. The proposed Warrant article stated: "To see if the town will vote to accept a "circuit breaker" for the property tax in Carlisle effective as of 2002 A.D. Whenever the annual property tax in Carlisle exceeds seven percent of the income of any given household, then that seven percent of the owner's income shall be accepted as full payment of the property tax for that year. Citizens for whom the property tax exceeds seven percent of their income must present evidence to the board of assessors (usually the current Federal income tax report) .The cost of the circuit breaker is borne by all property owners of Carlisle for whom the property tax is below seven percent of their income." Finance committee chair Tony Allison said that this article was on the Warrant in Lincoln. The selectmen agreed to send this petition to town council for advice.

Lakness reappointed

The selectmen reappointed Sally A. Lakness of 51 Cranberry Lane as inspector of animals. Her new term will run through April 30, 2003.

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