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Friday, March 15, 2002


School budget tensions spill over to the playground

It is not surprising that parents' concerns can spill over to their children. Last week Carlisle School parents reacted strongly to threats that cuts in next year's school budget, recommended by the finance committee, may lead to the closing of the school library and cutting back the popular full-day kindergarten program to its earlier half-day sessions. (See "School budget cuts stir emotions" starting on page 1.)

Apparently a number of perceptive and politically involved students rallied to the cause. As reported by finance committee chair Tony Allison at the finance team meeting last Tuesday morning, children of FinCom members were singled out by their peers with comments that "your [parent] wants to close the library." This is unacceptable, said Allison

Perhaps this could be an opportunity for a lesson on civility and the basics of town economics, suggested Allison. "The FinCom would be happy to prepare something," he offered.

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