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Friday, March 8, 2002

Carlisle School Committee members (from left) Cindy Nock, chair, Suzanne Whitney Smith, superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson, David Dokterman, Harry Crowther and Paul Morrison deliberate the FY03 budget. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
Feelings were strong about the proposed FY03 school budget at the March 5 school committee meeting -- strong enough to elevate the temperature in the packed Spalding Conference Room to an uncomfortable level. The discomfort with the Carlisle Finance Committee's guideline of a 5-6% increase over the FY02 budget was also evident in the passion and determination with which superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson, the school administration and the school committee (CSC) tried to salvage programs that may have to be cut. The CSC has proposed a 10.77% increase to provide level services. Approximately twenty citizens in the audience, which included past selectman Michael Fitzgerald and past school committee member Tim Morse, shared the school's concern. ...more
At the selectmen's meeting on February 26, Mary Cheever and Brooke Cragan of the board of trustees for the Gleason Library challenged the recently implemented policy under which all town employees will be reviewed. Of particular concern was the review form used to evaluate all town employees from librarians to firefighters. Also at issue was whether one department should be allowed to opt out of a policy devised to provide consistency across the range of town jobs. ...more

The annual town caucus, at which candidates are nominated to run for vacancies on elected town boards and committees, will be held on Monday, March 25 at 7:00 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall. This year ten offices will need to be filled, including two positions on the board of selectmen and two on the Carlisle school committee. In many cases the incumbents have still not indicated whether they will seek re-election. Town elections this year are scheduled for Tuesday, May 14. ...more

An ambitious proposal from Joseph Campagna, who was seeking approval for creation of a new trail together with a compost storage area at Foss Farm, received a negative response from the conservation commission and abutters on February 28. ...more

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