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Friday, March 1, 2002


It's not quite 6:00 a.m. and already there's a solid line of people with dogs, crates, and grooming equipment making their way to the Madison Square Garden exhibitor entrance. Spying a penny on the sidewalk, I am tempted to pick it up. After all, a little extra luck on the day I would be showing my dog here for the first time couldn't hurt. But the woman just ahead of us has seen it too. She scoops it up, murmuring to her companion that it would only bring good fortune if she kept it in her left pocket. This must be even more auspicious, I decide, glancing down at my dog. At 18 months, Bingo (officially known as Ch. Maverston's Bingo) would be the youngest entry in the Cairn Terrier ring and would face tough competition from more seasoned dogs. ...more

On Presidents' Day weekend, 150 word lovers gather in a hotel ballroom in Danbury, Connecticut, to play Scrabble in an atmosphere as competitive as the Winter Olympics. During competition, the room is quiet, the silence broken only by the clickity-clack of tiles being drawn from the bag, a shout of "Challenge!" to summon a word judge, and announcements of each score. After each round, people gather in little groups to whine, boast or commiserate about their game and their luck or lack of it in drawing tiles ("I haven't seen a blank in six rounds"). I join one of the post-mortem groups, sharing the love of words, the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of an exotic and eccentric community. ...more

Carlisle Comments
Silly things

Did you ever stop in your tracks and think, "That's just silly, and I don't understand it at all"? One rainy Sunday morning this past summer, I found myself standing in the doorway of our church with my umbrella in my hand, staring at the light drizzle that was coming down and keeping us from going sailing. My thoughts were what brought me up short. I remember thinking, "Is it wet enough to be worth opening the umbrella and getting it all wet?" What a silly thought, umbrellas are supposed to get wet in order to keep you dry. Believe it or not, I raced for my car, got wet, but kept the umbrella nice and dry. ...more

Biodiversity Corner
Long-tailed Weasel

Name: Long-tailed Weasel (Mustela frenata) ...more

It was all you have heard: great good feeling, wonderful support of the athletes from the US and every other country, high security, well administered details like traffic and food, and full of scandal and souvenir hunting. (I did not come home with a Roots beret!) ...more

The Mosquito Dines Out
Zabaglione Ristorante

Zabaglionethe name conjures up thoughts of exotic and delicious desserts, but at this small North Shore place in Ipswich center, there are not only fantastic desserts, but also impressive meals to go with them. Of course you could go to the Zabaglione Café around the corner and just opt for dessert, but so far we have not. There are specialty appetizers, new each night and I can recommend the two that we have had: stuffed artichoke, a towering concoction of sheer bliss, and mushrooms stuffed with spinach and cheese and standing four inches high, beautiful to see and even better to eat. The first time we went to Zabaglione I thought we were just going for a scenic drive to the North Shore on December 1, until my husband Alex suggested we stop at this little place. The waitress asked if we had a reservation. I said "no" and Alex said "yes." Apparently our random excursion was not so random after all. He had called earlier in the day. ...more

Green Corner
Upgrading appliance efficiency

Household appliances and lighting use a surprisingly large amount of electricity and have a corresponding impact on the environment. Appliances that have the most impact are, in decscending order, refrigerators, lighting, TV, electric dryers, stand-alone freezers, ranges/ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, electric washing machines, and computers. The good news is that new appliances are generally much more efficient than older models being replaced. (For example, 40% of new dishwashers automatically adjust their water temperature according to how dirty the dishes are). All new refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners have a yellow EnergyGuide label with a numeric rating comparing their efficiency with that of similar models. ...more

Museum Review Oxymorons
Absurdly Logical Quilts

New England Quilt Museum ...more

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