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Friday, February 15, 2002


Name: Fox Sparrow or Passerella iliaca (subspecies: Red) ...more

There isn't a lot of gardening to be done in February. As much as you would like to clean up the sticks that have blown down, or wander around cutting the ragged stems of hardy chrysanthemums that are poking out of the muddy ground, it just isn't the right time yet for spring cleanup. It is still winter. Gardeners are stuck indoors, in the dry desert climate of heated homes, breathing the closed-in air of the winter house. But luckily there is one form of winter gardening that can brighten up your spirits and help you breathe easier. February is the perfect time to give attention to those hardworking houseplants hanging in your window and sitting on your hall table. By giving attention to your houseplants, you will be enhancing your own air filtration system. ...more

We finally have lots of snow cover in our yards. Take advantage of it to create Snow Candles. First, take your parents on a walk on the Towle Land, or at the Great Brook Farm State Park or down Patch Meadow Lane; any place that is blessed with stalks of wildflowers and seed heads sticking out of the snow. You could find plants in your own backyard, but your parents probably need the exercise. Collect leaves, seed heads and stems. ...more

Ned Philips-Jones of Estabrook Road, a CCHS sophomore, received honorable mention in the 2002 Boston Globe Scholastic Arts competition in photography. Philips-Jones was a student in David Prifti's Beginning Photography class at the high school. His photograph shown above was not submitted for the competition. ...more

A family takes a trip to Portland by train
Downeaster Amtrak's new train to Portland, Maine on the right track for family getaways

Some families have parties to celebrate, but my family celebrated my birthday by giving me the greatest gift a rail fan could receive -- a family train trip on Amtrak's new train from Boston to Portland. ...more

Clients expect a beautician to make them look better than they did before. If the beautician does a good job, the client will come back. Patricia Doherty Kilfoyle aims for the opposite: her clients expect her to make them look like they did before, and, if all goes well, they probably won't be back. Her primary clients are oncology patients. "Women undergoing treatment for cancer lose their hair and have differences in their skin," says Kilfoyle. "It's a devastating experience." ...more

Reprinted below is a letter that Reverend Keith and Bonnie Greer received from their son Peter who lives in Rwanda and works for the World Relief Organization. Peter and his wife Laurel went to Goma in the Congo to help with relief activities after volcanic eruptions poured lava down the streets of the town. ...more

February is Black History Month, a time when we celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans throughout our national history, and study their experience as Americans. The necessity to separate these accomplishments and this experience from the mainstream successes and history of the nation says a good deal about our collective effort to correct ignorance caused by injustices which resonate down the 300 years of our existence on these shores. If African Americans had always been valued as citizens equal under the law and under moral consciousness, there would be no need to treat their accomplishments as if they had occurred in some kind of parallel universe. However, the obstacles placed in their way by the very people with whom their experience has been intertwined have forced on their experience a parallel quality. Out of those obstacles has come a body of invention and contribution unique to America and a literature that specifically defines the black experience here in the U.S. From the poems of the eighteenth-century slave Phyllis Wheatley to the great poets, novelists, speechmakers and essayists of the twentieth century, African American literature is rich in art, depth, and in the separateness of the black experience. ...more

"Youth sports must be about meeting the age-appropriate needs of all kids who participate." This is the philosophy of Bob Bigelow, former Celtics first-round draft pick, youth basketball coach, and author, along with journalists Tom Moroney and Linda Hall, of the book Just Let the Kids Play. He gave a talk sponsored by the Concord Bookshop and the Center for Parents and Teachers on February 7 at the Alcott School in Concord. ...more

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