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Friday, February 15, 2002


Carlisle student wins art award

Ron Sadan, a Carlisle eighth-grade student, has won the Silver Key Award for drawing, which is one of the second- place awards in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition. Sadan competed against seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students across Massachusetts. On Saturday, February 9, Ron was presented with the award at a ceremony held at the Boston Transportation Building.

Old methods still the best
Ron Sandan and art teacher David Negrin hold a model for Sadan's drawing. (Phot by Cynthia Sorn)

Sadan's piece, titled "Fixin' to Draw," is a still-life drawn with ebony pencil on a gray background. "It's a technique used by the old masters," explained David Negrin, the middle school art teacher. As he held the small model that Ron used as the basis for his drawing, Negrin said he relies on the methods used throughout the centuries and encourages his students to learn these techniques. "They have been used for centuries and there's a reason for that," Negrin continued. He leafed through a stack of drawings by other students, and expressed regret that he hadn't submitted more drawings to the competition. The students' artwork was impressive: a drawing of a springer spaniel, a vase with flowers. "These are better than most of the work I saw from other schools," said Negrin, referring to other drawings in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art competition.

Credits art teacher for inspiration

On his way back to his classroom, Sadan explained that he began to get excited about art while taking classes with Mr. Negrin. "He really helped to get me interested in drawing. He helps you with the proportions." When asked if he will pursue a career in art, Ron said he wasn't sure, but he was enjoying the excitement of winning the award.

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