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Friday, February 15, 2002


Shorts from the board of health

· Tub with non-stick surface. Alys Scott of 91 Westford Street appeared at the February 5 meeting of the board of health to request a waiver of a plumbing code violation. Scott explained that she had remodeled a bathroom and installed a new cast-iron tub. Plumbing inspector Joe Green said he would not approve the tub because it had no non-stick surface applied as required by the state law. Scott explained that she would not have bought the tub if it had to have a non-stick surface. The tub is used by itself as a tub in the bathroom which has a separate shower. Scott stated that the supplier Expo Center claimed they had sold 1,200 tubs and were not aware of any problem.

Board of health agent Linda Fantasia said that the board had encountered a similar issue in July 1999. At that time the board sidestepped the waiver by writing a letter which stated that the board did not consider the matter a health issue. The current board decided to follow precedent and voted to issue a similar letter.

· Stable licensing and animal management. The board continued a discussion from its January 22 meeting to organize a subcommittee to draft stable licensing and animal management regulations. The board had collected 19 names of people interested in serving on the subcommittee. Board member Martha Bedrosian has volunteered to chair the subcommittee. The subcommittee will have open meetings, in a handicap-accessible location, with provision for public input as required by the open meeting law. Notice of meetings will be posted in the library.

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