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Friday, February 15, 2002

Cell tower could ease budget woes

To the Editor:

Cell towers are coming to Carlisle whether we want them or not. The finance committee is currently struggling with balancing a budget out of budget requests from schools and town departments that are more than $1 million over the no-override guideline. The budget requests are not frivolous and will get more challenging in the coming years as we face further growing pains and further reductions in current revenue sources.

We need other sources of revenue in our town in order to stabilize our property taxes. One such source is the cell tower. Concord currently has a temporary (three-year lease) "flag pole" tower on their Route 2 land fill with two carriers on it. It brings $120,000 per year to the Town of Concord.

Our town bylaws for cell towers were crafted to allow for the placement of cell towers in ways that would least impact landowners and residents of Carlisle. We need the bylaw to work or it could be deemed "too restrictive," and therefore moot, allowing cell towers to be placed with no bylaws guiding them.

The town needs to act now in order to realize this new revenue source and to keep cell towers on town land under town control. If you agree, please call the selectmen and ask them to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for testing on town land. And call the conservation commissioners and ask them to cooperate by allowing testing on conservation land. Everyone needs to cooperate on this issue so that we can continue to afford to maintain our protective bylaws and conserve those aspects of Carlisle that we treasure.

Cindy Nock
Canterbury Court

Library's request using 'fuzzy math?'

To the Editor:

We are being asked to support another increase to enable the library to open on Sundays. The reason? To be able to offer additional services and help people operate computers every day. We are constantly reminded how fortunate we are to have a great school system to educate our children in. This costs all of us a great deal of money. This brings up the question: does this age group need instructions in how to operate a computer? I hardly believe so.

As for the rest of us, we already have in place continuing educational classes for all who are willing to spend their own money to do so. Why ask us to pay for your education on any subject? If this additional service is of any real concern to the trustees, you may like to consider closing the library earlier on slow days.

Another troublesome point about this budget request: the funding ideas to possibly bring it nearer the funds requested seems, to me, too close to the "fuzzy math" we heard so much about in the last election. What do you think?

Frederick Bentley
Brook Street

Thanks for citrus sale support

To the Editor:

On behalf of the 75 members of the Carlisle Schools' Senior Band, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Carlisle community band members and their parents for their support during our sixth annual citrus fruit fundraising drive. The primary focus for the profits raised from this year's sale will be to help fund our artist-in-residence program which featured Dr. Christopher Azzara, nationally recognized jazz educator from the Hartt School of Music. In addition, a tuba was purchased for the band, as well as needed percussion equipment. A scholarship for after-school music lessons was provided, and some money will be used to provide bus transportation for possible concert travel in the spring. Margie Zuk, our incomparable chairperson of the drive for the third year, and her committee of Tricia Reed, Joan Beauchamp, Mary Cheever, and Jonatha Wey, Tammie Erickson, Lynn Knight, and Debbie O'Kelly again did a superb job of organizing students and parent helpers; double-checking forms; ordering the hundreds of boxes and bags of fresh fruit, and organizing the unloading of the tractor-trailer, as well as the delivery to all of our Carlisle neighbors. Thanks are extended as well to the parents who chaperoned at the transfer station and to those who helped with the fruit distribution on February 7. In addition, school administrators, Eileen Riley, Davida Fox-Melanson, Andy Goyer, and David Flannery were actively involved and supportive throughout; while staff members Susan Pray, Joan LaRochelle, Richard Price, Dan Flannery, Andy Dyment, Steve Melanson, Denise Casper and Beverly Woolard, contributed much time and energy to the success of the project. Finally, Bill Brown, Carlisle resident and owner of the Minor Chord music store in Acton, once again helped to support the project with incentives for our students.

Thanks to all for a successful fundraising campaign!

Tom O'Halloran
Director of Music

Thanks from the youth commission

To the Editor:

The Youth Commission (CYC) would like to thank the Middle School families who contributed to Concord's Open Table food pantry at this month's Friday Night Live food drive. We collected more than 250 non-perishable food items which Open Table will distribute to families in need from local communities.

The CYC would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the parents who have chaperoned thus far this year. Friday Night Live wouldn't happen without your presence.

We also ask that parents respond promptly when you receive our letter that your help is needed at an upcoming FNL. It really helps to have an accurate chaperone count in advance. Thank you.

David Freedman
Carlisle Youth Commission

Webelos thank fire department

To the Editor:

The Fifth Grade Webelo Scouts of Pack 135 would like to thank everyone who helped us earn our Readyman badges recently at the Carlisle Fire Station. Thanks to firefighter and EMT George Middleton for introducing us to CPR (and showing us the cool new fire truck!), and to Lisa Koski and Tricia Reed for teaching us about first aid. Thanks to David Flannery who helped us find a room for the lesson, and to Kathy Hassey for lending us the CPR mannequins.

Thanks also to the Tiger Scouts, who let us share in their fun with the fire hose, and to J. J. Supple for showing us how to shoot water out of the hose. It was awesome! Thank you,

Bradley Bero, Eric Bjornson, Christopher Bojanic, Joey Davin, Jake Dockterman, Andrew Guild, Max Herman, Matthew Koski, Keinan Marks, Graham Reed, Sam Petrie, and Eban Semrad-Cossutta

Thanks from Parents Connection

To the Editor:

Many Carlisle families with young children enjoyed the entertainment and activities at the Carlisle Parents Connection's Valentines Party. I would like to thank Stephanie Blunt and Krista Kallio for coordinating this fun-filled event. Thanks also goes to those who brought baked goods to share as well as all who helped out during the event including Gail Bernardin, Mary-Lynne Bohn, Laura Engdahl, Laura France, Elizabeth Hughes, Lori Jimenez, Lefki Maxim, Polly Meyer, Bethany Mosca, Anna Nerenberg, Nancy Szczesniak, and Peggy Wang. Your big hearts shone this Valentines Day!

Pat Simon
(co-chair Carlisle Parents Connection)
Old North Road

Brownies a big business success

To the Editor:

Our first grade Brownie Troop held a cookie booth sale outside of Daisy's Market and had great success. Thank you to those who supported the Girl Scouts by buying our cookies. We even offered drive-thru service to our customers.

The girls participating at this event were: Amanda Fabrizio, Roxane Sayde, Rachel Wittenberg, Melanie Rocco and Rebecca Gettys. Please keep an eye out for other Girls Scouts who will be holding booth sales in the near future. Thank you.

First Grade Brownie Troop 2649

Pool would benefit the town

To the Editor:

For the past several years I have watched the progress of the C.C. Pools organization take a gift from a generous man and make plans for a community pool come to life. I am excited by the project and impressed with the amount of planning, detail, and response to community this organization has incorporated into this project.

As the Carlisle Recreation Commissioner, I have been involved in the local community sessions about the pool at private homes in Carlisle. As I think about my conversations with private citizens, there are a few consistent questions that Carlislians bring up that I would like to address about the benefit and support of the facility in Concord.

Many residents have expressed a hope for a community pool in Carlisle somewhat on the scale of the Heritage Pool in Concord. While I wholeheartedly agree this would be be a value for Carlisle, the C-C pool is a different type of facility. The C-C pool is a combination of a community center, health club and indoor pool.

Some residents have expressed reluctance to driving to Concord for this type of facility. I am somewhat puzzled by this reluctance considering residents of Carlisle need to utilize neighboring communities for most services.

Other residents have expressed questions about the future of the facility and the potential of the pool to be a tax burden. The C.C. Pools organization designed the financing of the pool initially from the generosity of a citizen combined with private funding. The CC Pools organization plans to gift the pool to Concord Recreation upon completion.

This is where I see a huge benefit for Carlisle. Concord Recreation will manage the pool and provide classes for residents in the community. Carlisle Recreation can use the pool as a resource to enhance our programs. We plan to offer water-related classes for residents from pre-school to seniors and we plan to expand our

swim programs. We have just begun to research the classes we can provide.

The Concord-Carlisle Community Pool group is actively seeking donations for the remaining funding. If you would like more information about the pool, please visit the web site at:

Maureen Tarca
Partridge Lane

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