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Friday, February 15, 2002


Gardening for kids Take your parents for a walk

We finally have lots of snow cover in our yards. Take advantage of it to create Snow Candles. First, take your parents on a walk on the Towle Land, or at the Great Brook Farm State Park or down Patch Meadow Lane; any place that is blessed with stalks of wildflowers and seed heads sticking out of the snow. You could find plants in your own backyard, but your parents probably need the exercise. Collect leaves, seed heads and stems.

Making sand castles

At home, have an adult melt paraffin or beeswax in a double boiler, never directly on the burner. When the wax is melted, dip candle wicking (sold in craft stores) in the wax to stiffen. Lay the wicks out on wax paper to dry. While the wicks are drying, dig a small hole in the deepest snow you have. Any shape hole will work. Experiment with unusual shapes. Sprinkle some of the collected plant parts into the hole. Bring the wax outside, and pour it into the snow hole, holding the wick in the center of the hole. Drop some more plant parts into the wax. After a few minutes, the wax will harden enough to hold the wick straight. Let the candle cool for about an hour. Dig it out and you have a Snow Candle. Enjoy!

(Adapted from Nature Crafts For Kids, by Gwen Diehn and Terry Krautwurst.)

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