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Friday, February 8, 2002


Back in the days before we had children, my husband and I used to race sailboats. Ours was an 18-foot, molded mahogany, one-design, planing sloop-rigged sailboat. The class was known as the Jollyboat Class, and we competed both nationally and internationally. For us that meant the US and Canada; however, the boat was made in England and also raced in Europe. It was a very responsive boat, fun to sail for recreation. Serious racing, however, was a lot of work. . ...more

Take a look at the following list of people and try to guess what they have in common: winners of the Indianapolis 500 and the Ryder Cup; Raisa Gorbachev; visitors to Colonial Williamsburg; Harvard benefactors who donate more than $1 million; high-end silver collectors in Europe and America; and the Pope. ...more

A list of the High Honor students ...more

Billerica, Mass. 1-978-663-6500 ...more

Just when you thought the big story on unapproved tree-felling was over, I bring you the American Beaver or Castor canadensis or tree-feller-extraordinaire. A Kwakiutl Indian name for the beaver is Throw-Down-in-One-Day. ...more

On January 30, in the library's Hollis Room, the Friends of Gleason Public Library met to discuss their programs for this year. President Paula Trebino and an enthusiastic new group of officers and friends identified several needs and issued an invitation for the whole Carlisle community to join them in a year of great activities and support for our library. ...more

After transportation and food, household operations have the biggest impact on the environment of all of our individual actions. By saving energy in the home, we are also saving money, conserving resources, and reducing pollution. This is a good time of the year to be reminded of some energy-saving tips in the two most important areas of concern: ...more

Stop the madness! Getting into college with your sanity intact

Back in the good old days, getting into college was just one thing you did during your senior year in high school. Back in the really good old days just after World War II, this involved taking the college track courses at high school as opposed to the "business" or "general" courses, filling out an application or two, and sending them in along with a couple of teacher recommendations. No standardized tests, no tours, no frantic search for the right extra-curricular activities, no "process," and definitely no anxiety. For all intents and purposes, getting into college was much like getting a job. You just did it. ...more

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