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Friday, February 8, 2002


Eighth-grade technology group sends teachers away

David Mayall and his eighth-grade technology group, meeting on Wednesdays after
Technology integration specialist David Mayall meets with his technology group. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)
school to experiment with digital photography, have succeeded in granting wish trips for several Carlisle School teachers. Using digital cameras purchased with grants from the CSA and Touchstone 3, the students photographed teachers and transferred the photos to the computers in the library. The students then searched the Internet, finding enticing travel photos to use as backgrounds for their photo project. Using a version of PhotoShop, the students learned to combine the teachers' photos with the travel photos. The final step was to add music and text to the photos, creating a slide show.

Mayall plans on offering the six-week after-school project for seventh graders, and eventually sixth graders. "I'm learning the software as they learn it," he explained. "They pick it up very fast, faster than I do." Students who are interested, as well as students who are recommended by their teachers, are invited to join the group. Mayall plans to limit the size to eight students, and parent volunteers would be helpful.

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