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Friday, February 8, 2002

TV equipment crowds the Hults' living room as the Carlisle Exchange Investment Club prepares for a live appearance. (Photo by Rik Pierce)
CNBC's daily business program Power Lunch on January 30 as seen by the national audience. (Image prepared by Diginovations, Inc. of Concord)
"OK all you investment clubs in New England and St. Louis. This is your chance to be on Power Lunch on CNBC". I heard Tyler Mathieson, one of the TV journalists and a host of Power Lunch which appears every weekday on my favorite financial channel say these words on the Monday before the Super Bowl. ...more

Stop the madness! Getting into college with your sanity intact

Back in the good old days, getting into college was just one thing you did during your senior year in high school. Back in the really good old days just after World War II, this involved taking the college track courses at high school as opposed to the "business" or "general" courses, filling out an application or two, and sending them in along with a couple of teacher recommendations. No standardized tests, no tours, no frantic search for the right extra-curricular activities, no "process," and definitely no anxiety. For all intents and purposes, getting into college was much like getting a job. You just did it. ...more

The new Gleason Library building "serves the town well," so well it should be open Sunday afternoons, library trustees and director Ellen Rauch told the FinCom at its January 30 budget hearing. Many townspeople are using the building, circulation continues to rise, and the staff are busy with requests for assistance with the new personal computers, they added. ...more

Candidates pledged to support former U.S. secretary of labor Robert Reich as the party's nominee for governor of the Commonwealth swept the delegate slate at the Carlisle Democratic Party caucus February 2. An unprecedented 50 participants packed the third-floor conference room and spilled out into the hallway at the First Religious Society to name three delegates who will join chair Cynthia Schweppe at the Democratic state convention in Worcester. ...more

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