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Friday, February 8, 2002


Restaurant Review Naked Fish, 15 Middlesex Turnpike (off Routes 3 and 62)

Billerica, Mass. 1-978-663-6500

"Maybe we're a little too fresh." This is a quote on the Naked Fish restaurant menu. Well, I don't know who objects to fresh fish, but I have had many naked and not-so-naked luncheons and dinners at several of their locations (see their web site).

What exactly is a naked fish? According to the menu, this is a fish brushed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon and then grilled. Their selections include tilapia ($13.95), trout ($14.95), salmon filet ($15.95), also mahi mahi, swordfish steak, arctic char, red snapper, and yellow fin tuna ($17.95) (these are dinner prices.) The luncheon prices vary from $9.95 to $11.50. There is lobster, shrimp and seafood paella. There are also lunch salads and sandwiches. Salads include grilled shrimp salad at $8.95, citrus chicken salad at $7.25, and salmon salad at $8.95. Sandwiches include a traditional Cuban sandwich of Cuban roast pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese and spicy lime mayonnaise all pressed on a Havana roll, a popcorn shrimp sandwich, a grilled portobello mushroom or even a not-so-naked burger.

Now on to the "not­so-naked" you might try the plantain-encrusted red snapper at $17.95, or the coconut-encrusted haddock at $15.95, or the roasted Chilean sea bass with tomatoes, capers, and kalamata olives at $19.95 (there are more selections not so naked but you can get the idea from this list). Additionally, for those who don't fancy fish, there is a Cuban sirloin steak, a Cuban spicy chicken, stuffed pork chop or Latin baby back ribs. All entrees come with two side accompaniments and they are most interesting and delicious. You may choose two from the following partial list: grilled crunchy broccolini, roasted butternut squash, jicama apple cole slaw, mashed banana sweet potato or black beans and rice.

And in case you just want a salad or soup, you can choose one of these: Havana seafood salad with shrimp, scallops, calamari and mussels in a lemon dressing with tomatoes, basil and capers, vegetable antipasto, naked clam chowder or perhaps black bean soup.

The imaginative Cuban cocktails are delicious, the wine reasonable and the service quite good. I would recommend this restaurant for a small or large crowd. They take reservations for six or more.

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