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Friday, February 1, 2002


If you happened to be passing by the First Religious Society at noon on Monday and wondered why so many cars were parked in the vicinity and why a steady stream of local folks were filing into Union Hall, let me explain. It was a meeting of the Carlisle Lunch Group, which meets three times a year, in January, April and October or November. ...more

Last week, the first part of the Blaisdell letter from the collections of the Carlisle Historical Society was reprinted in this column. The letter from Hiram Blaisdell to his brother Isaac, written in 1850 from California, describes not only his voyage to the gold fields, but his experiences as a prospector. Hiram and then Isaac owned the property at 70 Lowell Road, now the residence of the Hiltons. Found in that house was a certificate issued to Hiram W. Blaisdell naming him among the "Society of California Pioneers of New England." It reads: ...more

If you have an idea about how to make the Carlisle Public School a better place, superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson will listen. You may have to champion the cause, volunteer your time and skills, and have to wait a couple of years for implementation. Nonetheless, if you make a good suggestion, you can end up improving the school. ...more

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