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Friday, February 1, 2002


Bog House RFP seeks repairs in lieu of rent

The conservation commission is circulating a revised Request for Proposals (RFP) that calls for bids from potential tenants for the third level of the Cranberry Bog House on Cross Street. A prior RFP garnered two bids, neither of which the chief procurement officer found acceptable under the stated requirements. A three-year lease will be awarded to the applicant who submits the best plans for accomplishment of a specified list of repairs in lieu of rent, provides proof that s/he is qualified to complete the tasks and possesses the financial resources to purchase the needed materials.

The winning bidder also has the following obligations: 1) maintenance of the antique building at no cost to the town, 2) protection of the building through the presence of on-site residents, and 3) use of the building in a manner congruent with the conservation and agricultural purposes of the property.

The Cranberry Bog House needs repairs. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)

Tenants must be willing to accept conditions associated with a working cranberry bog, including occasional all-night operation of a 300+ HP diesel irrigation pump. The property is open to the public for passive recreation and occasional parking. Finally, the Bog House has no central heat.

The RFP minimum specifications call for the following: Year 1) Remove and replace the external stairway to the third level, repoint the west side foundation and replace the west side loading platform and steps; Year 2) Replace an area of shingles on the west side of the building, repoint the main chimney, replace windows on the east and west sides of level one with screened louvers, redo windows and casements on the north and south sides and replace window wells at ground level; Year 3) Install seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts on the north side, replace and shingle the shed roof over the east side slider door, repair corner trim on southeast corner and paint roof trim on west and south side extension.

Preference will be given and points awarded for the following factors:

  1. Verified capability to carry out proposed specifications (4 pts).
  2. Current employee of the Town of Carlisle (3 pts).
  3. Current resident of the Town of Carlisle (2 pts).
  4. Verifiable experience managing projects on public property or property owned by not-for-profit organizations having multi-use considerations (2 pts).
  5. Proposed capital improvements valued at more than $2,000 over minimum require-ments (1 pt).

The town re-serves the right to reject any and all proposals that are deemed not in the interests of the Town of Carlisle.

Proposers may make ar-rangments to inspect the premises by contacting the conservation administrator at 1-978-369-0336 no later than February 11. Questions concerning the terms of the RFP must be submitted in writing to the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Madonna McKenzie, Town Offices, 66 Westford Street, Carlisle, MA 01741 on or before February 15. All documents offered in response to the RFP shall be submitted to the CPO on or before February 21, 2002.

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