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Friday, February 1, 2002


Shorts from the selectmen

· Warrant opened. At their January 22 meeting the selectmen formally opened the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting, to be held May 6, 2002. The warrant will close on March 12.

· School building committee RFQ reviewed. The Request for Qualifications is the document the school building committee (SBC) will use to elicit bids from firms interested in conducting the construction feasibility study, approved at the fall 2001 Town Meeting. The study will compare relative costs of construction and operation for expanding the school buildings either at the current site, or on the Banta-Davis Land. The selectmen approved the SBC's draft RFQ, adding an estimate of operating costs to the option of building at the current school site. The bids are due back to the town by February 8, 2002, and the SBC is asking that the study be completed by April 30, in time for Town Meeting.

· School building committee to expand. The selectmen voted to expand the school building committee from five members to seven. This brought the number of vacancies on the SBC to three, and the selectmen voiced the hope that volunteers could be found with skills in architecture, engineering or law. Interested townspeople should contact either the SBC or the Carlisle selectmen.

· Pauplis Appointed. Robert Pauplis was appointed to the school building committee for a two-year term to expire June 30, 2004. Pauplis has a background in engineering.

· Carriage Way lot. Town council is working with the law firm representing William Costello, who is interested in purchasing the town-owned lot. Town administrator Madonna Mackenzie said that town council may recommend that the town use eminent domain to quickly ensure that the title is clear. Last year's Town Meeting did approve using that legal tool for this lot.

· McFadden resigns. The resignation of administrative assessor Sean McFadden was accepted by the board. His resignation will be effective January 27.

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