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Friday, February 1, 2002


Town retains water rights to one O'Rourke site, releases others

When the O'Rourke Land was sold to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in 1999, Carlisle retained water rights on portions of the parcel. The original sale agreement stated that Carlisle had three years in which to test the Contingent Water Rights Area, and if it decided to forfeit water rights on that portion, then the town would be eligible for an additional payment of $115,783.

Carlisle's water quality subcommittee conducted a hydrological study of the sites, and Greg Peterson presented their results and recommendations at the January 22 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen. The subcommittee found sufficient groundwater in the area designated as the Water Resources Area, to support a pumping capacity of about half a million gallons per day. (see Map)

The committee recommended keeping permanent water rights to the following areas designated on the January 1999 plan: the Water Rights Area, the area marked General Pump House Location, and the strip marked 40-foot Utility and Access Easement. These areas encompass the access and site for a possible future municipal well.

Also recommended was giving up the rights to the spot marked on the 1999 plan as "Contingent Water Rights Area" by March 2002, in order to gain the additional payment from USFWS. The selectmen agreed, and signed the Notice of Election to Release Contingent Water Rights. This will be recorded with the deed, and sent to USFWS. (For additional information, see the Water Supply Development Plan Narrative for the O'Rourke Parcel, Carlisle Massachusetts, January 2002, prepared by the water quality subcommittee of the Carlisle Board of Health.)

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