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Friday, January 25, 2002


There is a fragile letter in the archival collection of the Carlisle Historical Society that documents one man's quest for gold not the Olympic medals of which we hear this winter, but gold nuggets from the river beds of California. Hiram Blaisdell wrote a letter in 1850 that describes in detail his epic journey to California and gives accounts of his prospecting adventures. The letter is currently on display in the Hollis Room of the Gleason Public Library as part of the "Finding Carlisle" exhibit. ...more

It didn't take long for the Luther brothers to realize they were in unique circumstances after opening Carlisle Auto Body in 1977. Dean Luther had been tinkering underneath a car outside their facility at 673 Bedford Road, when he emerged to find himself face-to-face with a curious Appaloosa. The horse had broken free from a nearby barn and had wandered over to investigate his new neighbors. ...more

Name: Western Conifer Seed Bug or Leptoglossus occidentalis or leaf-footed bug or unwanted house guest. ...more

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