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Friday, January 25, 2002


CSA reviews progress, begins nominations for 2002-03

At a meeting on January 8, the Carlisle School Association (CSA) reviewed the first half of the school year. The board noted with satisfaction a number of positive trends:

· Membership increased this year to 340 families,

· Gift wrap sales increased more than 20 percent over last year,

· The CSA was successful in raising $22,300 for kindergarten play equipment,

· The sale at the Concord Bookshop showed a ten percent increase,

· The grants committee was able to fund eleven of fourteen requests received from Carlisle teachers for items such as digital cameras, texts and materials supporting the curriculum, and library books,

· The cultural enrichment committee was able to add several exciting new presentations, some of which have been recently reviewed in the Mosquito.

The CSA thanked all who took part in their fundraisers, either as organizers or as contributors, saying they looked forward to an active spring with the March Fashion Sale, featuring the "Names T-shirt," sweat outfits, and Polar Fleece, as well as the book sale at the school library in May. In addition, they are planning a new social fundraiser, details of which will be forthcoming.

They are currently getting under way with nominations for next year. They would like to hear from good organizers with a desire to contribute to the school. The CSA needs people in all areas, including fundraising, services (such as the teachers' luncheon and library volunteers), public relations, and others.Contact Rich Colman, Dale Ryder, Jonatha Holland, or Beth Clarke of the nominating committee, or any CSA board member for more information.

CSA issues grants to teachers

The Carlisle School Association has approved eleven of fourteen grants requested by Carlisle school teachers for a grant total of $7,879. Grants are issued by the CSA yearly. They offer Carlisle Public School teachers an opportunity to obtain tools and materials supporting the curriculum that would otherwise not be covered in the school budget.

The grants cover all grades and a variety of departmental needs. They include reading texts for the early grades; digital cameras for late-elementary language arts and science, as well as for the middle school newspaper; "Simple Machines" science materials; clay and glaze for the art department; a CD library and jazz artist-in-residence to support the music program; library books to support the multi-cultural curriculum and field hockey equipment and a sound system for the physical education team.

CSA grants and the cultural enrichment program are funded through a variety of fundraisers, including the gift wrap sale, the Concord Bookshop sale, the T-shirt sale, and the spring book sale.

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