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Friday, January 25, 2002

Is there interest in a High School shuttle bus?

To the Editor:

Would a shuttle bus running between Concord-Carlisle High School and Carlisle center, after school, attract enough riders to make such a service feasible? A group of parents of CCHS students are exploring the possibility of a shuttle bus to supplement the regular school bus service.

The idea is that the shuttle would leave from the high school at approximately 3:10, 3:40 and 4:10 p.m. and drop students in Carlisle center. From there they could walk home or be picked up by parents. This would save, on average, 30 minutes and 13 miles (and 1/2 gallon of gas) for each round trip to the school that parents would otherwise make. The bus might also be used to transport students between Carlisle center and CCHS for evening sporting events or performances at the school.

We are seeking input from parents and students who think they would use such a service. What times would work for you? How much would you be willing to pay? Details of schedules, costs and administration are yet to be determined. Help us make this idea a reality. Please call any of the following people to register your interest, to make suggestions or to volunteer to help get this bus rolling.

Maureen Tarca, Partridge Lane,
Jan Carpenter, Cranberry Hill Lane, 1-978-369-9263
Mary Cheever, Carroll Drive,
Marjorie Johnson, Ember Lane,
Helen Lyons, Baldwin Road,

Ideas needed for Riverfest

To the Editor:

This is a special announcement about an upcoming community event. On Saturday, June 1, the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord River Stewardship Council is planning a Wild and Scenic Riverfest along the entire length of the SuAsCo basin, including the towns of Wayland, Sudbury, Lincoln, Concord, Bedford, Carlisle and Billerica. This is an opportunity to celebrate the designation of our segment of the Concord River for its ecological, recreational, historical, literary and scenic values.

We are being asked to join in the celebration by planning events and activities. The trails committee has already agreed to participate, but we would also like to see school groups, ecology education, a concert, catch-and-release fishing contests, boat rides or canoe or kayak races, painting classes, or any other special event that celebrates the wild and scenic river in our own backyard. Please call the selectmen's office and leave your name and number and I'll get back to you. Thank you.

Vivian Chaput
Carlisle Selectman

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