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Friday, January 18, 2002


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, January 8

· Sixth-grade team presentation. The Carlisle School sixth-grade team, along with principal Andy Goyer, presented an informative report on the use of the sixth grade teaching assistants. Due to the large size of the sixth-grade class, each team teacher has been assigned a teaching assistant. It had been planned to carry these assistants to the seventh grade. Due to the potential FY03 budget constraints, there have been discussions about areas that might face cutbacks, such as teaching assistants. The sixth-grade team teachers concluded, "The classroom assistants have played a vital role in the support of the general education population, offsetting the need for additional special education staff and/or outside placements."

· Music teacher replacement. Carlisle Middle School general music teacher Catherine Pringle will be on maternity leave as of January 12. Principal Andy Goyer, explaining the difficulty he and Carlisle School music teacher Tom O'Halloran have had in temporarily replacing her, presented as an alternative a Theater Arts program for grades four through six, to be taught by Liz Smith, the seventh-grade musical director. Music teacher Angela DiPace has agreed to lead the middle school chorus for the remainder of the year. This solution was enthusiastically approved.

· Computer technology update. David Dockterman presented an update as to the state of computer technology at the Carlisle School. Some of the benchmark goals set by the state have been met, such as having a technology support person, and a technology integration person in place. There is a technology team, which includes the teachers, technology-trained people, administrators, school committee members, parents and community representatives. The guidelines suggest a 5 to 1 student-computer ratio. Carlisle currently has an 11 to 1 student-computer ratio. Dockterman suggested a portable computer lab, costing approximately $50,000, would improve this ratio. It would be shared by the second to eighth grades, and could be moved from classroom to classroom, as well as between buildings. Further study will be done to determine if a funding source could be found for the lab.

· Evacuation plan. Principal Andy Goyer presented the Carlisle School Evacuation Plan that details how the buildings would be evacuated in case of an emergency. Although fire drills have been held at the school, there has not been a practice evacuation of the school grounds. If case it is necessary to leave the campus, specific sites have been chosen that are within walking distance of the school. Goyer notified the committee that a letter explaining practice evacuations would be sent home to parents.

The next meeting will be January 22.


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