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Friday, January 18, 2002


The Fellowship of the Ring

by J.R.R. Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy is an exciting tale of evil and adventure that has no equal. In the first part called Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien tells of how the quest of the ring got started.

The adventure begins when a great wizard, Gandalf, tells a young hobbit named Frodo of a magic ring which the hobbit possesses and a terrible power that wishes to reclaim it. Frodo, his servant, and two kinsmen set out from their land while being pursued by the mysterious black riders. They meet up with a mysterious ranger who helps them get to the Elvan Valley of Rivendell. In this fair valley, the fellowship is formed to journey to a far away mountain where the ring could be destroyed.

The fellowship contained four hobbits, Gandalf the wizard, the ranger called Strider, a man called Boromir, an elf and a dwarf. This company traveled through an ancient city under the mountains where they fought many evil creatures. They visited a lovely Elvan forest and received many wonderful gifts. Their company is attacked by evil forces and they separate. The ring bearer, however, continues toward the mountain. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read.


by Jerry Spinelli

Whoever rendered the phrase "love at first sight" had the right idea, and yes, it can happen. When Leo first saw Stargirl and she flashed him a quick smile, he didn't know what to call it, but it was love. That one smile was all it took for Leo's heart to open and for him to find that place in his soul, mind and heart for Stargirl. He didn't know how he could love such an elusive and quirky girl.

So many days they had spent together were wasted when he asked her to be the one thing she couldn't be, normal. He lost her to his own inconsiderate wishes and to the taunting and teasing of his peers.

This intriguing tale of childhood first love and the perils of popularity and being "normal" is told in a near-heartbreaking story. Spinelli tells of regret, devotion and admiration in his novel, Stargirl.

Jerry Spinelli writes in a very distinct way. You form crisp, clear images of his characters in your mind. As his stories unravel, plot thickens and so does your love for the people in all of his books. I highly recommend Stargirl and other amazing novels by Jerry Spinelli.


by Lorri Hewett

Dancer is an emotional story of the reality of the ballet world. Stephanie is a typical teen with two exceptions: she is a talented ballerina who is black, and her parents disapprove of her love for the dance...and practically everything else!

When Stephanie is fed up with fighting with her parents and her world is crashing down, she comes upon Miss Winnie and her nephew, the handsome and talented dancer, Vance. Miss Winnie once was a somewhat famous ballerina, and now is teaching Stephanie how to dance more powerfully and gracefully. Meanwhile, Vance and Stephanie catch each other's attention while they prepare a dance for Miss Winnie.

As these two strange but kind people become Stephanie's "life savers," the three work to hold up Stephanie's world.


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