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Friday, January 11, 2002


Last year, the review of the year 2000 began with the description, "As the century turned, life in Carlisle mirrored the larger picture of a time of national peace and prosperity." As we look at 2001, we seem a light year away. 2001 began without prosperity and ended without peace. But though we lost our sense of security we rediscovered patriotism and a national cohesiveness. Through all the dramatic events following September 11, Carlisle's small-town tranquillity and unchanging green beauty served as a reassuring reminder that life will continue. ...more

After many months of hearings, in which cell tower applicants presented their case for three variances for the placement of a 150-foot monopole at 662 Bedford Road, and abutters disputed their assertions, the complicated case was in the hands of the Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA). Recognizing that rejecting the application may expose the town to litigation under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and granting the variance may gut the town cell tower bylaw, the board moved cautiously. After sorting through the many issues, claims and threats, the BOA decided to defer the precedent-setting decision until a number of thorny questions could be reviewed by town counsel. ...more

"I go somewhere with my manure every day" said farmer Mark Duffy to the board of health at the meeting on December 18. Duffy was called to the board to answer complaints of Carlisle and Chelmsford people about the smell of his fertilizer. "All organic fertilizer has odor, that's what makes it break down and work," explained Duffy. Duffy felt the warm weather of December had led to the complaints. Although he said he put a lot of fertilizer down last year, he felt that the smell was just the same. Duffy is using bone meal made from ground-up cow bones, which is not composted, and putting it down as quickly as possible because it will not work if you put it down on top of snow. ...more

The state-mandated early retirement option for teachers under the "Retirement Plus" program will result in the retirement of about 13 faculty and staff members from the Carlisle school system between 2003 and 2006. Eileen Riley, business manager for the school, provided an updated list of those scheduled to leave: ...more

· Gift of audio equipment. The Carlisle Public School music program has received a gift of audio equipment from school parents Harry and Maxine Crowther. In a letter addressed to Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson the Crowthers say, "We have seen this program offer to Carlisle students opportunities to perform music in several bands and choral groups, depending only on their level of interest, determination, and ability. For this we thank [music teacher] Tom O'Halloran, all of the music faculty, and the staff of instrumental instructors." CSC chair Suzanne Whitney Smith said, "We accept this gift with thanks and much gratitude." ...more

After lengthy deliberations Tuesday, December 18, the Carlisle School Committee decided on a trimmed-down FY03 budget, representing a 10.38% increase over last year's, which it could recommend and still maintain educational quality. Caught between the budget guideline of a 5% increase over FY02 set by the Carlisle Finance Committee and the realities of 30-35 additional students every year, contractural obligations with the school faculty, transportation services and special education programs, committee members agonized over cuts and offerings. A 5% budget would mean the end of some current services at the public school. ...more

John Ciprianos of 549 Bedford Road came before the board of appeals on January 3 to request a five-year extension of a special permit that allows him to continue operation of his antiques business. In the past, Ciprianos requested permission to operate a tearoom in conjunction with his antique business. He withdrew that request, as he said,"I don't see it happening." The board said that there was no correspondence from abutters, nor were any abutters in the audience to speak. Eliassen said that if the business was not going to include a tearoom, she would be in favor of a longer permit and agreed that five years would be reasonable. The board granted the special permit unanimously, with the following conditions: ...more

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