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Friday, January 11, 2002


Name: Tree Clubmoss or Lycopodium obscurum ...more

This article is the first in a new series on gardening in Carlisle. ...more

A setting can profoundly affect a subject. Wildlife artist Tom E. Wilson serves as living proof. The Chelmsford freelance artist, with roots in Carlisle, combines his talent for drawing and love for the environment as a commercial illustrator. ...more

Making do, does anyone remember what I am talking about? When things were tough, and money was in short supply, we had to "make do." That means that if we had a hole in our sock, we darned it. Darning is not a polite way of saying damn, darning means to repair your sock or sweater, by weaving a patch over the hole. Then the item is good for a few more months. The only cost was the cost of the special thread, and the beauty, comfort, and durability of this repair depended on the skill of your mother or grandmother. ...more

Most of us have records, letters, journals and photo albums that, woven together, form the tapestry of our family history. Carlisle, too, has a history, but unlike family records and photos stored in our attics and closets, the town's history on paper has been kept in multiple locations around town and was largely invisible until this past year when echoes of Carlisle's past reverberated all over town. ...more

The Reverend Thomas P. Donohoe is clearly a man who likes a good laugh. His hearty chuckle rings out loudly, enthusiastically and often as he reflects on the upcoming 50th anniversary of his ordination, to be celebrated officially on January 13. He laughs as he comments that, at the age of 25, he never imagined that he'd someday celebrate this milestone. He laughs over a parishioner's comment that St. Irene's meteoric rise in membership during his tenure can be attributed as much to the presence of this popular priest as to the sparkling new facilities that opened four years ago. But he laughs hardest when asked about his storied sideline as a stage actor. "That's probably what's kept me from retiring!" he admits about the occasional opportunities he seizes to appear on stage, most notably at St. Irene's annual fall mystery dinners. "It isn't everywhere that I'd get to star in a show!" ...more

On Sunday, December 30, a cold, crisp day with bright sun following a full moon, seventeen hardy birders tramped the woods, fields and swamps of Carlisle south of Route 225 for the annual Christmas Bird Count. This was the 29th consecutive year of this count in Carlisle and the 102nd year of this winter census in the U.S. Each count is conducted within a 15-mile diameter circle; last year there were 1,880 such circles in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and on a few Pacific islands. Carlisle is at the northern edge of the Concord circle, which is centered at the intersection of the boundaries of Concord, Sudbury, Maynard, and Acton. ...more

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