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Friday, January 11, 2002


BOA renews permit for antiques business

John Ciprianos of 549 Bedford Road came before the board of appeals on January 3 to request a five-year extension of a special permit that allows him to continue operation of his antiques business. In the past, Ciprianos requested permission to operate a tearoom in conjunction with his antique business. He withdrew that request, as he said,"I don't see it happening." The board said that there was no correspondence from abutters, nor were any abutters in the audience to speak. Eliassen said that if the business was not going to include a tearoom, she would be in favor of a longer permit and agreed that five years would be reasonable. The board granted the special permit unanimously, with the following conditions:

· no outside display of items,

· operating hours from 10 - 5,

· up to 2500 square feet can be used

as there is potential for 15 cars,

· residential lighting would be used.

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