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Friday, January 11, 2002


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, December 18

· Gift of audio equipment. The Carlisle Public School music program has received a gift of audio equipment from school parents Harry and Maxine Crowther. In a letter addressed to Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson the Crowthers say, "We have seen this program offer to Carlisle students opportunities to perform music in several bands and choral groups, depending only on their level of interest, determination, and ability. For this we thank [music teacher] Tom O'Halloran, all of the music faculty, and the staff of instrumental instructors." CSC chair Suzanne Whitney Smith said, "We accept this gift with thanks and much gratitude."

· Susan Greene vs. Carlisle Public Schools. In a letter to Susan Greene, former teacher in the Carlisle Public School, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), investigating commissioner Dorca I. Gomez upheld the earlier ruling favoring the school. The commissioner wrote, "Based upon information presented at the appeal hearing and a review of the evidence adduced in investigation, I have determined that the Lack of Probable Cause finding in this case is affirmed. This means that investigation and appeal evidence fails to establish sufficient evidence to determine that an unlawful act of discrimination has been committed." Fox-Melanson said this "is the final presentation with MCAD. However still on the docket is the appeal to the department of education on Susan Greene's termination as a teacher in the Carlisle School."

· Pest management policy. The school committee adopted the pest management policy recommended by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees. The policy encourages the integration of prevention and control procedures with the use of classified pesticides and herbicides as a last resort. The use of pesticides and herbicides may only be applied by certified specialists during vacation breaks or when the buildings have been clear of students for 48 hours. Superintendent of buildings and grounds David Flannery said, "We basically have been using this approach for years. We want to minimize risk and exposure." Ants and bees seem to provide the biggest challenge both on the school plaza and campus as well as the playing fields.

· Basketball teams selected. Carlisle Middle School basketball teams have been chosen for this winter, according to teacher-coaches Wendy Stack and Jim Trierweiler. The season has begun with games against Concord. Fox-Melanson affirmed that school work and civility are priorities.

The girls team: Grade 8: Jill McElligott, Heather Risso, Emily Goldberg, Jenny Zywiak, Susanna Fardy, Marie Benkley, Irene Dennison. Grade 7: Lisa DeBruzzi, Pami Anderson, Sarah Kennedy, Stephanie Trebino, Meredith Popolo, Alexandria Alberto, Emily Howe. Managers: Devon Jeffers and Lindsay Ventura.

The boys team: Grade 8: Cory Robart, Ben Wilkes, Kevin Coscia. Grade 7: Welles Mattson, Eric Zuk, Spencer Holland, Dan Fidler, Mike Hassey, Ben Hassara, Peter Stone, Evan Tierney. Grade 6: Matthew Cheever, Tyler Smith, and Brendon Hedblom. Manager: Joe Lesses.

· C-SPAN to air Grade 7 writing workshop. The workshop, led by author Natalie Bober, was the culmination of a seventh grade interdiscliplinary unit on the study of events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Bober is the author of numerous biographies, including Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution and Thomas Jefferson: Man on a Mountain. She spoke to the seventh graders about the art of gathering and presenting factual information and the "joy of the writing process." C-SPAN plans to air the program in early 2002 on their Saturday morning program "Book Talk."

· Facility use report. Superintendent of buildings and grounds David Flannery reported to the school committee that there were a total of 21 groups which used the school facilities, 12 of which were school-related. Four of the users were the town or town-affiliated groups and five were local non-profit organizations. The main users were the Carlisle Recreation Commission, the seventh grade play, The After School Music Program, and the Savoyard Opera Company. Additional donations were received from the recreation commission for an electric backstop winch, picnic tables, ball storage bin, and a Carlisle Castle safety rail. $200 from the Carlisle Fire Fighters Relief Association brought the total money received to $12,410.00 for use of the Carlisle Schools' buildings and property.

· "School Loop" pathway. The school pathway from the Spalding circle driveway to the corner of Church and School Streets to the main road entrance to the school has become a reality. Pathways committee chair Deb Belanger discussed the location and benefits of the pathway with the committee. She noted that Flannery took part in the siting process to make sure the path did not interfere with the playground.

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