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Friday, January 11, 2002


'Retirement Plus' not a plus for the school

The state-mandated early retirement option for teachers under the "Retirement Plus" program will result in the retirement of about 13 faculty and staff members from the Carlisle school system between 2003 and 2006. Eileen Riley, business manager for the school, provided an updated list of those scheduled to leave:

2003 Dave Mayall

2004 Margaret Bruell

Linda Clark

Paula Ewers

Davida Fox-Melanson

David Negrin

Carolyn Platt

Jim Trierweiler

2005 Ann James

Bill Tate

2006 Sara Bysshe

Phil LaPalme

Tom O'Halloran.

The window for applying for this program closed on June 30, 2001. Under this program, teachers may later work in another state, but cannot be hired by a town in Massachusetts unless the town is granted a "critical shortage waiver" by the state.

One of the intended effects of the program was to replace senior, more highly paid staff with younger people at lower salaries. However, Riley pointed out that many of the retiring teachers are in their forties, and the school will therefore lose a large portion of the more experienced faculty who are leaders in their teaching areas. They will be hard to replace, as there is currently a teacher shortage, especially in math and science.

Short-term costs of the early retirement program are the state-mandated incentives: a 20 percent salary bonus in the first year before retirement, and a 15 percent bonus in the second year. This will create a significant burden for the town in the next few years, with potential savings, if any, further in the future. The town has no financial obligations for the teachers' pension fund, which is handled by the state, but the town does pay 50 percent of the health insurance of those retired teachers who opt to continue the health insurance plan.

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