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Friday, December 21, 2001


Corner Turkey Tail

In an effort to report something seasonal, I searched for holly and ivy but found none occurring naturally. I considered the partridge-berry which is common in the woods in Carlisle. (The partridge needs a lot of sustenance to maintain a healthy appearance for the twelve days of Christmas.) I also considered the reindeer lichen which is widespread, but I found only very meager clumps which would barely sustain a small reindeer on appetite suppressants. I would have been happy to have spotted a wild turkey ­ I saw one last year ­ but could find only turkey tails. ...more

a poem


A post-genocide Christmas: following a trip to Rwanda
Reverend Keith Greer and his wife Bonnie have just returned from a visit to Rwanda

"Ladies and gentlemen, due to health regulations, we will be passing through the cabin with a pesticide to fumigate the plane. If you wear contacts or are subject to allergies, please cover your face." It seemed apparent that although we were leaving Africa with some presents, there were some things the health authorities wished us to leave behind. The weight of our gifts far surpassed the 44-pound weight limit. . ...more

Can't find time to read?
Books on tape may be the solution Reading aloud (or rather being read aloud to) with books on tape

Most of us have fond memories of being read to as children and many of us have read to our children and some of us to our grandchildren. One winter, when we were reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn aloud to our three girls, we all looked forward to getting through dinner and gathering by the fire for the reading. ...more

Finding time to read all those books piling up on the night-table (plus the new books under the Christmas tree) is always a challenge. Audio books (only unabridged, please) allow us to multi-task while we're being entertained or informed or both. For years, my daily commute to Cambridge was sweetened by my Books on Tape selections. On the way home, there were times when I drove past my street just to finish one side of a cassette and I often wondered how I avoided a collision while P.D. James hurled tantalizing clues my way. My friends usually chose less dangerous venues for tape-playing in the kitchen while cooking and cleaning up, on the exercise bike every morning before breakfast, and on the Walkman while running or gardening. ...more

Take a look at Lowell
A holiday trip to Lowell takes only 20 minutes from Carlisle

Lowell used to be a sleepy, burned-out mill town with a high crime rate about eight miles north of here. It didn't have much to offer except a couple of musty outlet stores and George's Textiles, where you could get almost any kind of fabric you needed, provided you were willing to look hard enough. Most of the old textile mills, whose brick buildings still line the Merrimack River, had long since moved south or gone out of business entirely. In 1987, a huge fire gutted one of the last operating mill complexes, and the eerie shell of those buildings seemed to represent the ghost town Lowell had become. ...more

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