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Friday, December 21, 2001


Selectmen question what 'level of pain' town can bear in FY03 budget
5% increase means no override but deep cuts

In preliminary discussions on next year's (FY03) town budget at their December 11 meeting, the board of selectmen asked the finance committee (FinCom) to calculate what cuts would be required to keep any increase in the tax rate at or below 5%. The community needs to understand what "level of pain" would be involved in that level, chair John Ballantine commented. Selectman Doug Stevenson hoped that an operating override could be avoided if budget increases could be kept at that level and new growth from new construction were higher than anticipated.

The request followed FinCom chair Tony Allison's report that budget requests over and above the FinCom's balanced guideline budget currently total $1 million, with a potential override of $700,000 to 800,000 (if $250,000 could be transferred from free cash).

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