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Friday, December 21, 2001


Residents rail against Rutland Street guard-rails

Several residents of North Road and Rutland Street appeared at the planning board meeting on December 10 to object to the guard-rails being constructed at the intersection of Great Brook Estates and Rutland Street. "The guard-rail has the look of a freeway. It's appalling and hideous looking," said Risha Deary, a resident of North Road. Larry Bearfield, also of North Road, appealed to the board, "The rural quality of our roads is paramount we don't want to become [Route] 128."

Planning administrator George Mansfield updated the board on the guard-rail. "The plan clearly shows a guard-rail on top of a retaining wall and falls under the jurisdiction of the board. However, what was left off were specifications on the kind of guard-rail and there is conflicting information." Mansfield also believed the placement of the guard-rail should be clarified.

Albert Ira Gould, partner with Betsy Goldenberg in the development of the Great Brooks Estates ten-lot subdivision, concurred with the description of the guard-rails as inappropriate for Carlisle. Gould then described at length the guard-rail as part of "an integrated system of a bridge­like structure, steel piers and geogrid cloth all in an effort to disturb a minimal amount of wetland." His understanding was that the structure currently being constructed met state and town standards, especially for a road that he hopes will become public. Gould described the guard-rail's strength requirements as the ability "to absorb the impact without collapsing." Board member Dan Holzman, in referring to the manufacturer of this bridge system, suggested that Gould "push a little; they may come up with something better."

Mansfield informally consulted with the police chief to determine whether any other guard-rails of this construction exist, other than on the state road 225. The guard-rail on Heald Road was cited as being the only other one. Member Michael Epstein concluded the discussion by requesting that Gould return on January 14 with some options and that the town's consulting engineer make recommendations as well.

As an ending note, Brooke Cragan, resident of Rutland Street, turned to Gould and said, "I enjoy walking through Great Brooks Estates to the State Park and look forward to the development. Our motive here is to incorporate the development into the neighborhood."

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