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Friday, December 21, 2001

CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS. The community responds to the police department's request for toys to go to children in the greater Lowell area. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio.)

At their December 11 meeting the board of selectmen voted to authorize the spending of up to $2,000 to construct a small portion of the pedestrian path on the grounds of the school near the Carlisle Castle play area. Funds will be spent from $30,000 in state highway funding allocated for a feasibility study for a much longer path, the "school loop," which would connect Carlisle Center, the Carlisle Public School campus, Banta-Davis Fields and Kimball's ice cream stand. ...more

This is beginning to feel like a play of many acts. The cast changes little the board of appeals, the cell tower applicants, the abutters. The props are the same charts with their red and green and blue overlays, bulging briefcases, documents by the score that get admitted into the record. The setting changes tonight, December 13, it is the library in the Carlisle School. The screenplay is not fully scripted and so a certain tension exists. The curtain goes up ...more
Take a look at Lowell
A holiday trip to Lowell takes only 20 minutes from Carlisle

Lowell used to be a sleepy, burned-out mill town with a high crime rate about eight miles north of here. It didn't have much to offer except a couple of musty outlet stores and George's Textiles, where you could get almost any kind of fabric you needed, provided you were willing to look hard enough. Most of the old textile mills, whose brick buildings still line the Merrimack River, had long since moved south or gone out of business entirely. In 1987, a huge fire gutted one of the last operating mill complexes, and the eerie shell of those buildings seemed to represent the ghost town Lowell had become. ...more

When the dust settled after the skirmishing between the governor and legislature over this year's state budget, the town got word last week that, with five months of this fiscal year already passed, actual state aid will be about $100,000 less than had been estimated on "cherry sheets" received last July. The cuts consist of about $2,600 less aid from the lottery, a reduction of over $26,000 in Chapter 90 highway funds, $71,000 less for payments in lieu of taxes on state-owned land, and small cuts in other categories. ...more

Christmas services at Carlisle churches

Congregational Church

Christmas Eve: 7:15 pm
No services Christmas Day

First Religious Society

Christmas Eve
3 pm Service for younger children, friends and family
5 pm Concert in the sanctuary
5:30 pm Christmas readings and music
11 pm Service of lessons and carols

St. Irene Church

Christmas Eve: 4 pm, 5:30 pm (please use entrance to left of church)
Christmas Day: midnight, 11 am

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